As of March 2019, I have been an intern for the Community and Economic Development department at the City of Renton. This department is in charge of Renton’s economic growth and acts as a structure of support for businesses and residents to thrive. During my internship, I have been mainly focusing on the Downtown area. I work on the web presence for the City by updating information on community projects, updating ongoing events, and promoting new developments happening through the city. I have also been introduced to many people and business owners through my work with the city and will continue to act as a liaison between the business owners and the City to ensure the needs of small businesses and community members are being met. I got introduced to this opportunity through my involvement with the City of Renton for my senior project. Due to the nature of my project and the objectives it pushes forward for the Civic Core Plan, the City of Renton’s Community Services department has allowed the project to continue and the Economic Development department will allow me to work on implementation and completion of the project as part of my intern duties.

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