These are things that I’ve experienced or accumulated through my time at the University of Washington that have shaped my experiences. Without these artifacts, I would not be who I am today.

Study Abroad,

Dals Långed, Sweden

It was during this study abroad that I was able to experience design and Landscape Architecture for the first time. I was able to learn about myself and my interests, as well as experience true autonomy over the summer. The gallery above is a combination of places I’ve seen, people I’ve met and experiences I will never forget.

Electromagnetic Waves

Physics Coursework

Before joining CEP, I was an intended physics major. The technical world was completely new to me and I was amazed by all that it has to offer. A specific moment that defined my love for learning happened in a demonstration during PHYS 122, Electromagnetism. We saw a lightbulb turn on without being plugged into a power source. The bulb was drawing from current in the magnetic field that was active due to a Tesla coil. It was during this moment I realized the natural world had so much more to offer and that real magic was not as far away as one would think.


(the worst band you’ll ever see live)

I joined SWBE before I was accepted to the University of Washington. The contrast that it held for me in regards to my lifestyle and the choices I made in and out of school helped keep me grounded and constantly reminded me why I decided to pursue higher education. Playing music and having fun with friends was a way to take a break from academia and spend time with people who were affected by changes happening in their neighborhoods. The people I interact with when I play music are part of the reason I feel strongly about Urban Planning and ensuring that the future of cities should be in the hands of those who plan with intention and genuinely good interests at heart.

L ARCH 300

My first experience with intentional design

This course was my first autonomous exposure to landscape architecture. I was able to work on projects individually and experience the feeling of problem solving and designing in my own style, which had not been the case in Sweden. The projects I worked on in this course were purely my own and it was very empowering to be able to exercise creative solutions to the tasks assigned.

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