Landscape Architecture

Final assignment for L ARCH 300: Intro to Landscape Architecture. We focused on a site in South Park, Seattle, Washington and came up with designs based on resiliency. I worked with the idea of social resiliency and illustrated a community garden and kitchen that would allow people to fight displacement in the vulnerable neighborhood.
This is a personal planting design done for a small park in Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington. The plants were chosen to create a small oasis in the middle of a high traffic intersection. Safety, pollinator plants, and seasonality were taken into consideration.
This is a rendering I did for a group assignment in which we did planting design for a section of University Village, a shopping center in Seattle, Washington. I also took part in the arranging of plants, picking plant species, and working with seasonality of plant types.
An exercise in planting design where we were asked to design a personal garden.
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